The Town of Chatham

Chatham is one of the older townships on the Cape. It was settled in 1656 by a few Pilgrims and incorporated in 1712. The town covering about seventeen square miles, is a pleasant mixture of past and present-an old fashioned picturesque setting which offers the best in modern living.

Originally Chatham was a farming community, but inhabitants found deep sea fishing a more lucrative livelihood. Today finfishing and shellfishing remain important sources of revenue.

Chatham operated under the town meeting form of government. At town meetings citizens meet to discuss articles in a Town Warrant and either pass or reject them.

Explore a bit and you may see the gorgeous hydrangea walk leading up to a Shore Road mansion. Across from a windmill in a field of yellow wildflowers sparkling against a backdrop of blue ocean, it's the essence of Cape Cod. Or you may follow Mooncusser's Lane and find that the road ends abruptly at the water. Admire the view from the drawbridge on Bridge Street as well as the classic views of the Chatham Light.

"Because it's so residential, Chatham has escaped the overt commercialism and tourism of much of the Cape. It does not cater to transients; some inns and motels encourage long stays, and many of the accommodations are in cottages or rented houses.

The summer social scene revolves around parties and private clubs. But almost everyone turns out for the Friday evening band concerts in Kate Gould Park.

Although Main Street, which winds through the center of town, seems filled with pedestrians and shoppers, chances are they're residents or regulars. Perhaps its air of stability and tradition is what makes Chatham so special.


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